Sod Policy

Sod is a perishable product and requires immediate installation and watering. Lawn Patrol LLC cannot accept responsibility for conditions after the sod leaves our hands nor those beyond our control which lead to growth failure, such as:

  • Improper or noxious sub-soil
  • Sod not installed immediately upon delivery
  • Improper watering/Lack of moisture
  • Disease inherent to site
  • Annual or perennial weeds that develop after installation
  • Improper maintenance or neglect
  • Planting in direct shade
  • Other unforeseen environmental issues

Lawn Patrol LLC does not guarantee sod. We can do everything right and the sod can still fail. We can do everything wrong, and the sod can thrive. Lawn Patrol LLC does not guarantee sod, only our workmanship is guaranteed.

Purchases including installation will require complete acceptance of the work performed by the customer prior to the departure of the attending crew. Any unsatisfactory points of labor must be satisfied upon completion.

Lawn Patrol LLC will dispose of any sod remaining after the installation is complete. Lawn Patrol LLC always attempts to order slightly more then is needed for the installation. This is done to ensure enough sod is available for complete installation. The customer’s price does not include installing the excess sod. If the customer request excess sod be installed Lawn Patrol LLC will install if for an additional Labor Fee. A change order will be generated, and customer will need to approve order before work can proceed.

Extensive prep work must be done to properly install sod. If Lawn Patrol LLC does not have adequate time to install excess sod the request will be denied.

Lawn Patrol LLC is not responsible for any grass damaged during the establishment period. All new sod should be allowed thirty days before any traffic is allowed on the grass.